About the ELP


The ELP (English Language Program) at J. F. Oberlin University is a long-running, highly successful language program. The ELP is a pioneer in encouraging university students to use English actively. With a very large and professional international teaching faculty of nearly 80 teachers, the ELP offers a strong curriculum in communicative and academic English.

In their freshman year, all J. F. Oberlin students complete the Eigo Core courses (英語コアI/IIA & 英語コアI/IIB). The Eigo Core courses are interactive and communicative and provide students with the opportunity to improve their level in the four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). The courses are also designed to provide first-year students with a foundation in the English language suitable for communication in a growing international community. Students are encouraged to be active and independent learners.

In addition to Eigo Core, the ELP also offers students the opportunity to study in the Electives Program. This is a program of nearly 60 courses each semester. These courses aim to increase students’ English skills and confidence in using English by focusing on specific skill areas, such as oral communication, listening, academic writing skills, reading, practical writing, and test skills.

The ELP also has a large bank of Internet-based resources and on-campus activities that provide students with the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Studying at the ELP gives students the opportunity to become better English language communicators who can confidently interact with people from a wide variety of cultures.

桜美林大学のELP (English Language Program)は、伝統ある英語教育プログラムです。英語を使うことに重点をおいた大学英語教育プログラムのパイオニアであるELPは、国際色豊かな講師陣によるコミュニカティブな英語カリキュラムを提供しています。


ELPは、英語コアに加え、選択授業である英語エレクティブを、毎学期約50クラス開講しています。英語エレクティブでは、 リスニング・リーディング・スピーキング・ライティング 等の個々のスキルを学習するクラスだけでなく、アカデミック・ライティングや各種英語テスト対策などのクラスも開講しています。各自の興味やニーズに合ったクラスを履修し、英語スキルの向上だけでなく、英語使用に対する自信をさらに深めてください。