ELP Electives 英語エレクティブ
ELP Elective classes are open to all students from 1st to 4th year. However, because English Core is challenging, many students wait until 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year to do Electives. Electives provide a range of courses for you to choose from. Some courses are for developing specific language skills such as listening or writing. Other courses allow you to study content that interests you.


ELP Electives and ELP Levels 英語エレクティブとELPレベル
Electives are designed to match your level of ability. When you decide which classes to take, please refer to the table below to check the course level and your ELP level. Following online registration, participation for Elective courses I-III is decided by lottery. For Elective classes IV and V, you must also register online and then participation is determined by the teacher after the first class.

英語エレクティブは、レベルごとに履修可能対象者が異なります。各自のELP levelに基づいて、履修可能な授業を選択してください。英語エレクティブIからIIIまでは、e-Campusに登録後、抽選によって履修者が決定します。英語エレクティブIVおよびVは、e-Campusに登録後、担当教員の許可によって履修が決定します。