Writing Support Center

Writing Support Center (WSC)

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The Writing Support Center or WSC is a place to help students improve English or Japanese (as a foreign language) writing ability. At the WSC, tutors work with students on a one-to-one basis focusing on writing skills. Students can receive advice on things such as reports, presentations, and classroom assignments. Additionally, students are encouraged to ask for help with things that they encounter outside of the classroom like email, blogs or any additional forms of written communication. Students are encouraged to come at any stage of their writing process, for example pre-writing or brainstorming stages. Each student can make one 30-minute reservation at a time.

Warning: The WSC is neither a translation service nor an editing service. Students should refrain from asking the tutor to “Please fix this for me.” Instead, students should ask the tutors to help them to fix their work through discussion and collaboration.

Place: Gakujikan 4th Floor (Turn left after exiting the elevator.)
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (An updated schedule will be posted at the start of each semester.)
Contact: writing@obirin.ac.jp

Reservations: Sessions can be reserved in person on the 4th Floor, or by clicking this link:


ライティング•サポートセンターは、外国語としての英語•日本語のライティング能力を向上させたい学生のサポートをするところです。チューターとの一対一のやりとりを通して、書く力を身につけます。レポート、プレゼンテーション原稿、学外でのコミュニ ケーションに関するものなど、様々なものについてアドバイスを受けることができます。書き始める前のブレーンストーミングの段階でも構いません。利用希望者は、1回30分のセッションを予約してください。


場所: 学而館4階(エレベーターを降りて左奥へ)
利用時間: 月・水・金(スケジュールは学期ごとに発表します。)