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If you are planning to live and study in Japan, the information on this site should help you have a more rewarding stay.

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Reconnaissance Japan (R. J.) Program

The Reconnaissance Japan Program is an academic program for exchange students from overseas partner institutions, as well as selected individual applicants, who wish to learn about, and personally experience, Japan. Students may participate in Reconnaissance Japan for either a single semester or an academic year. The program offers Japanese language skills and training courses from the introductory to advanced levels. A wide variety of culture and civilization courses on Japan taught in English are also offered each semester. Reconnaissance Japan allows students from other countries to learn about and experience Japan within the supportive environment of J. F. Oberlin University’s Center for International Studies.

To learn more about the Reconnaissance Japan Program, visit the official homepage: http://www.obirin.ac.jp/en/rjprogram/index.html (in English)