Looking for new experiences: Wramon, a J. F. Oberlin R. J. Student

Wramon came to J. F. Oberlin University because he wanted new experiences. He is an American, and studied architecture at the University of Missouri, in St.Louis. He has been very interested in Japan for a long time. He wanted to learn Japanese culture, as Japan is a very historic country, with a rich culture. In addition, he was interested in Japanese technology, as technology in Japan is constantly being developed. Furthermore, he wanted to see how people go through their life in a different country. By coming to Japan as an R.J. exchange student, he can learn more about the world, and also broaden his perspectives and views.

Wramon is a student on the Reconnaissance Japan (R.J.) Program at J. F. Oberlin university, which is located in Tokyo.

Links: J. F. Oberlin University English web site, and Japanese web site. Reconnaissance Japan Program official web site.

During this first a month living in Japan, he found many differences between Japan and America. Everything seems very small, packed, busy, and crowded here in Tokyo. Buildings and houses are standing very close each other. Most of the houses are built at intervals of only one meter. Elevators, stores, school buses and trains are always crowded. Trains never get crowded in his home town, and he never got on crowded trains before coming to Japan. In Japan people have to separate the trash, and he said that separating trash is very complicated. Back in America, they have a big trash can, and they put everything in there. However, in Japan glass plastic and cans have to be carefully separated. The differences made him very surprised, but they are not big problems for him.

On the weekends, he likes to explore new places and find new things. He has been to Kamakura, which though not far from Tokyo, has many traditional Japanese temples. It is famous as a sightseeing spot. He has also been to Shinjuku, which is a commercial area in central Tokyo. There are many people there everyday, and it can be dangerous sometimes. He has been to lots of other places in Japan with his international friends. Everything is a slightly different in Japan, so many things are interesting to him. He also said that he likes the scenery in Japan, and he likes the views from his home. He likes his apartment. which called the ‘Pink House’. Pink House is a building where many international students studying at J. F. Oberlin live, and it is located near the university. He says the apartment is very comfortable, and he has enough space. He is a very adventurous and brave person, and he wants to do as many as things that he can while he is in Japan.

Finally, Wramon said that money is very important, so you must control your own budget while living and studying in Japan. For example, transportation is expensive, so before you go on a trip, you need to research for the cheapest way to get there. It is easy to calculate the most direct, and cheapest, train routes in Japan by using web sites like `Hypermedia`. However restaurants are cheaper here, because customers do not need to pay tips. In fact in Japan people never have to tip. Moreover, he advised people to have an open mind, and be open to trying something new. Wramon has an expansive personality, and his willingness to try new things will help him have a successful time in Japan.

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