“Reki-jo” (歴女) is a coinage with “reki” and “”jo”. “Reki” is a shortend word from a Japanese word, rekishi “歴史” and it means history. “Jo” is from a part of Kanji (Chinese character), “女” (onna) and it means a girl. Then “reki-jo” can literally be translated to “a history girl” in English. The definition of “reki-jo” is a girl who really likes, and feels a great interest in Japanese history, particularly, in the Warring State Period (1467 to 1573). During the period, a lot of generals dreamed of national unification and they were filled with ambition for ruling over the land, and then “Reki jo” sympathize with their way of life.

“Reki-jo” was created around the second half of 2008. At the year, some video games which are set in the Warring state and TV drama of the kind had influence on girls who had been in interested in Japanese history before. After that, the number of those girls has increased and people recognized that those girls were called “reki jo”.

“Reki-jo” have their own a favorite samurai or general, and some of them are crazy about them. Those girls really like the generals because they feel great attraction for them such as their way of life and personality. “Reki-jo” buy history books, magazines and games. In fact, they want to get products whatever about samurai. Many of “reki-jo” go to a historic battlefield, a trace of a historic castle and a birthplace where their favorite general was born to know more about them, and some “reki-jo” go there wearing a general’s uniform.

The picture shows some “reki-jo”. They are visiting a famous castle, wearing historical costumes.

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